West of Wherevermore and Other Essays by Donald Sidney-Fryer



  • Includes THE MISCELLANEON, the latest poetry collection by Donald Sidney-Fryer
  • ISBN 9781614982753
  • 254 pp
  • Cover artwork and design by Daniel V. Sauer
  • Trade paperback


In a career that has spanned more than fifty years, Donald Sidney-Fryer has distinguished himself by being the biographer, critic, and bibliographer of Clark Ashton Smith; the chronicler of the “California Romantics,” a school of 20th-century poets including Smith, George Sterling, and himself; and an unfailingly acute analyst of poetry and prose fiction in several languages.


In this scintillating volume of his more recent writings, Sidney-Fryer dwells at length on his visits to Thailand, Cambodia, Egypt, Central America, Hawaii, and Micronesia, revealing his sensitivity to exotic landscapes and the weight of history and culture in these ancient lands. We also find essays and reviews on surrealism, the poetry of George Sterling, Wade German, Henry J. Vester III, and Alan Gullette, and two vivid accounts of Lovecraft conventions in Providence, R.I.


The latter sections of the volume comprise THE MISCELLANEON, Sidney-Fryer’s ongoing experiments in poetry and prose poetry, exhibiting his mastery of a multiplicity of verse forms and also taking note of his momentous transition from California to Massachusetts.


Table of Contents

Introduction: "West of Wherevemore"
A Trip to Southeast Asia
A Sentimental Pilgrimage to Mother Egypt  
An Interlude in Central America: El Salvador  
A Trip to Hawaii and Micronesia
Time-Line Night at Beyond Baroque
Surrealism Is as Surrealism Does  
To the Stars and Beyond  
A Journey Beyond All Journeys  
Enlightenment from the Outer Dark  
An Account of Donaldo’s Attendance at StokerCon in Providence, R.I.  
In the Footsteps of the Masters
Musings Philosophical and Religious  

The Miscellaneon  
Only Fifty Times Removed
Cet au-delà That Lies Beyond
No Escape from Vehicular Mobility  
The Ministers of Chance
The Eden-Paradise That Haunts Our Undersoul
O Brave New World of Faerie Lands Forlorn  
No One’s Realm  
Time Bomb
Some Lordly Helmet
An Achaemenian Munificence  
Another Spenserian Stanza-Sonnet Once Again
Moonlight Mood  
A Rendezvous in a Newer Carthage  
The Black Swan with the Scarlet Bill
Old New Bedford, and Even Older  
An Offering as from Afar
An Unknown Isle in ?  
A Vagrant Vessel Plying Here and There
Return to Paradise Lost
A Victorian Poem in Redwood  
An Island Is an Independent Realm  
A Futuristic Icon of an Easter Island Head
Some Little Windows on the World
Winter Scene
Kaleidoscopic Odyssey  
          Change Is as Change Insists
         The Miracle of Palm Trees in the Dusk  
         The Unicorn Looks at the Lady from Afar
         Squirrels at Play  
         An Experiment in Variation
         The Uplet and the Cuplet
         No More of Majesty
         A Fellow Creature on Our Planet
         Needments and Oddments
         The Elder Daemon
Notes, by Dlanod Yendis
Postscriptum: Cape Cod and Canal


Donald Sidney-Fryer (b. 1934) is the author of Songs and Sonnets Atlantean (1971), Emperor of Dreams: A Clark Ashton Smith Bibliography (1978), and many other volumes. Hippocampus Press recently published his autobiography, Hobgoblin Apollo (2018).

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