Aesthetics Ho! Essays on Art, Literature, and Theatre by Donald Sidney-Fryer







  • Essays on Art, Literature, and Theatre
  • Also includes the author's newest poetry collection, ENDS & ODDS (85 pages)
  • August 2017
  • Paperback: 210 pp
  • Cover art by Hannes Bok
  • ISBN: 978-1-61498-201-2


To be released at NecronomiCon Providence 2017, where Donald Sidney-Fryer is Poet Laureate & Guest of Honor.


For more than fifty years, Donald Sidney-Fryer has been exhibiting his profound and wide-ranging sensitivity to all forms of art—music, painting, sculpture, ballet, and most of all, poetry. In this new collection of previously uncollected and unpublished essays, Sidney-Fryer displays the wealth of knowledge and the keen critical judgment he has developed in a lifetime of immersion in the fine arts.


The book opens with a fascinating diary-essay recounting a trip Sidney-Fryer took to El Salvador in 2016, in the company of master painter Jesse Allen, whose murals are described vividly and evocatively. Sidney-Fryer subsequently treats a wealth of other subjects, ranging from the poetic methodology of his own classic work, Songs and Sonnets Atlantean (1971), the prose and poetry of H. P. Lovecraft, the films of the 1930s and 1940s, and much else besides.


The second half of Aesthetics, Ho! is titled “Ends and Odds: A Poetic Miscellany,” an assemblage of nearly 60 poems and prose-poems that Sidney-Fryer has written in recent years. Here we find tributes to the work of Lovecraft, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, and the imagination-stirring travel accounts of Marco Polo, an evocation of the King Arthur legend, and an amusing parody of Clark Ashton Smith (“The Nonsense Eater: By Quark Ashcan Smiff”), the author whom Sidney-Fryer has spent a lifetime in studying.


All told, this volume demonstrates Donald Sidney-Fryer’s continuing dynamism as an artist and critic in his eighth decade of life.





Jesse Allen’s First Mural
A Defense and Illustration of One Poetic Method  
San Francisco, by G. Sutton Breiding
A Note on History and/or Historiography
Old versus New  
Poetry and Poetry Again
Perfect Form, Perfect Shape  
One Poetic Practice  
H. P. Lovecraft—A Belated Homage  
Flickering Shadows on a Lighted Screen  
That’s Hollywood? That’s Hollywood!  
Farewell to All That

Appendix: Ends and Odds: A Poetic Miscellany

St. Ichabod  
The Conquistadors  
A Modest Breviary
A Labyrinth of Caverns
Swimming Somewhere in the Antillias
A Modest Beastiary  
A Colonnade out of Time
Temporal Enigma  
On the Death Mask of J. Sheridan Le Fanu
The Crippled Octopus  
To a Professor of Professors  
Isca Silurum  
The Capricorn
The Key
Brave Ocean Cavaliers  
Queen Elizabeth II: 2016  
What’s in a Name? Indeed, Just What Lies in a Name?  
Where Now the Towns of Legend and of Myth?
And Have You Seen a Peacock as of Late?  
Have You Viewed the Big Five? Are They All still Extant?  
The Bird of Indigo and Verde  
The Transcendence of King Bhumibol
“Yea, Though I Walk through the Valley of the Numen of Light. . .”
Another Forsaken Garden  
The Forsaken Garden Again
Some Holy Grail
Another Grail Re-found  
An Obvious Announcement
Artorius, Arthurius, or Arthur Rex?
The Lyre-Bird  
Upon a Maya Pyramid in El Salvador
The Nonsense Eater  
A King out of Macedonia
Alexandros Megalos  
A Song in Reverse
A Sunday Noontide Ritual
Mouse in Boots
The “X”—The Unknown Quantity
By the Light of Flambeaux  
The Grove of Ceiba Trees along the Stream
Those Giant Ceiba Trees Again  
From Script to Script, From Crypt to Crypt
On Jesse Allen’s Biggest African Tableau  
“The Girl with the Ice Cream Tits”  
The New Conquistadors
Lo Ordinario
A Maya Pyramid Revisited
The Cup from Otherwhere
Divertissement I
Divertissement II
To H. P. L.—A Tribute out of Time  
A Bit of Nostalgia  
The Hunting of the Ampersand  


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