Providence After Dark and Other Writings by T.E.D. Klein



  • November 2019
  • ISBN 978-1-61498-268-5
  • Trade paperback
  • 592 pp




Best known as a writer of supernatural horror, T.E.D. Klein, author of The Ceremonies and Dark Gods, has also written essays, articles, op-ed pieces, and reviews that are provocative, erudite, occasionally splenetic, and always highly opinionated. This book, compiled by S. T. Joshi, presents a wide selection of Klein’s nonfiction, including: 


• A lively account of the first World Fantasy Convention, where the field’s most colorful personalities gathered in Providence to honor its native son, H. P. Lovecraft.


• Klein’s introduction to the Arkham House edition of Lovecraft’s shorter tales... His lists of the 13 most terrifying horror stories and the 25 most familiar horror plots.


• Memoirs of his college days in Providence, under Lovecraft’s spell... His triumphs and blunders as a Paramount script reader... His influential tenure as editor of Twilight Zone magazine... What it was like to work with eccentric (and notorious) director Dario Argento on his first full-length American film.


• A pair of groundbreaking New York Times features on cruelty to animals in the movies... A skeptical take on Woody Allen at the turning point in his career... The hitherto unremarked secret of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001.


 • Personal encounters with legendary weird-tale writers Robert Aickman and Donald Wandrei... Appreciations of Arthur Machen, Lord Dunsany, Rod Serling, Ramsey Campbell, and Mark Twain... Reviews of Ruth Rendell, Christopher Priest, William Peter Blatty, and a quartet of Gene Roddenberry biographies.


• Plus candid interviews, impassioned editorials for CrimeBeat magazine, and even a couple of poems.


Table of Contents


I. On Lovecraft


Providence After Dark


The United Amateur


A Dreamer’s Tales


Remembering Arkham House


The Festival


The Old Gent


T.E.D. Klein: Master of Ceremonies



II. On Other Authors


Arthur Machen


Ramsey Campbell: An Appreciation




An Afternoon with Aickman


A Haunted House


Frank Belknap Long


Dr. Van Helsing’s Handy Guide to Ghost Stories.


Introduction to Dark Love


Introduction to David Schow’s Seeing Red


Whiskey, Popcorn, and Gold


Gaspard de la Nuit


A Connecticut Yankee


The Ceremonies, edition: A Note from the Author


A Conversation with T.E.D. Klein



III. The Twilight Zone


Stories from the Twilight Zone


Twilight Zone Magazine


The Most Terrifying Horror Stories


The Book of Hieronymus Bosch


Twilight Zone: The Movie


Horrors! An Introduction to Writing Horror Fiction


Standing Behind the Curtains: A Conversation with T.E.D. Klein



IV. On Film


They Kill Animals and They Call It Art


Animals in Movies— The Abuse Gets Worse


On Cutting Up Movie Classics


How I Flopped as a Paramount Script Reader


Annie Hall


Star Wares


Master of a Lost Art


And Many Happy Returns


T.E.D. Klein Interview



V. On Other Topics


Where Do We Go from Here?


Charles Manson, B.M.O.C.


The Joy of Losing


Working for the Brown Daily Herald




Crime and Punishment


A Higher Standard


A Couple of Letters on . . . Antarctica!


Quotation & Misquotation


Silenced Voices


Three Letters to Brown


Spalding Gone Gray


Lament of an Aging English Instructor


Reassuring Words: An Interview with T.E.D. Klein



VI. Reviews


Legion by William Peter Blatty


The Face That Must Die and Incarnate by Ramsey Campbell


The Suburbs of Hell by Randolph Stow


More Books


The Glamour by Christopher Priest


Collected Stories by Ruth Rendell


The Terrors of Ice and Darkness by Christoph Ransmayr


Bring Me Children by David Martin


A Curate’s Egg


Sci-Fi Entertainment


A Swedish Podcast

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