Collected Essays 1: Amateur Journalism of H P Lovecraft


  • Edited by S. T. Joshi
  • March 2004
  • 440 pages
  • Paper (Cloth out of print)


Discovering the amateur press in 1914, Lovecraft immediately flooded the many small papers of his friends and colleagues with contributions discussing the nature, purpose, and future of amateur journalism. He also edited his own magazine, The Conservative (1915-23), filling it with additional essays.

In these articles Lovecraft discusses the conflict between the United and the National Amateur Press Associations; the "halcyon days" of the amateur movement (1885-95); and the "needs and betterment" of the amateur cause. We read of Lovecraft's bitter feuds with his fellow amateurs; his exhaustive critiques of their writing; and, most poignant of all, his touching affirmation of "What Amateurdom and I Have Done for Each Other," in which he concludes simply: "What Amateur Journalism has given me is—life itself."

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