Spectral Realms No. 7





  • A Weird Poetry Journal
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi
  • No. 7 (Summer 2017)
  • 126 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-61498-204-3
  • ISSN 2333-4215




This Mountain of Skulls / John Shirley

Lightless Oceans / Ann K. Schwader

The Dream-Wife / Adam Bolivar

More Than the Shark / M. F. Webb

The Embrace /Jessica Amanda Salmonson

A Rude Awakening / Ian Futter

For Sale / Deborah L. Davitt

Invocation to the Daemon for Modern Times / Liam Garriock

Aenid’s Dream / Christina Sng

The God Within / Ronald Terry

The Dark Pharaoh / Richard L. Tierney

Ave Augustissime: An Acrostic Sonnet on H. P. Lovecraft, Esq. /

Manuel Pérez-Campos

Portrait of H. P. Lovecraft, Esq.: A Scrambled Acrostic Sonnet /

Manuel Pérez-Campos

Dracul’s Demesne / Frank Coffman

The Reaper’s Garden / Ashley Dioses

Testament of the Scribe / David Barker

The Graveyard Knows My Name / Ross Balcom

Teratology / F. J. Bergmann

Repoman Homunculus / Chad Hensley

Imprisoned / Mary Krawczak Wilson

His Voice in the Whisper of Waves / Deborah L. Davitt and Kendall Evans

Mary of the Rosy Grave / K. A. Opperman

Things Come out of the Fog / G. O. Clark

Moment / Nathaniel Reed

Ad’Naigon / Maxwell I. Gold

Doll in the Wall / Jessica Amanda Salmonson

From the Yellow Text of Thanos Khan / Don Webb

Angry Sun/Bloated Moon / Claire Smith

Secret Tree / John Shirley

Only 13 / Ian Futter

Expanding Universe / Ronald Terry

The Final Turn / Ann K. Schwader

Arrival / M. F. Webb

He Dreams of Beauty / Liam Garriock

Pull / Christina Sng

Innsmouth Shanty / David Barker

Metamorphosis / Frank Coffman

The Wyrde of the Bibliognost; or, Another Solitude / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Silent Songs / Deborah L. Davitt

The Ballad of the de la Poers / Adam Bolivar

Corridors Enough / Ann K. Schwader

The Daughter of Death / Charles D. O’Connor III

Under the Blood Moon / Sunni K Brock

Her Skull and the Sea / Mary Krawczak Wilson

What It Means When You Dream of Swords / F. J. Bergmann

My Beloved Bones / Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Rising Damp / M. F. Webb

Night Terrors / Ian Futter

David Lynch / Liam Garriock

It’s Hell Being Your Guardian Angel / John Shirley

The Spiders of Kepler 452B / Kendall Evans


Classic Reprints

Amenophra / Ernest A. Edkins

Faces and Souls / Paul Eldridge



On “A Wine of Wizardry” / S. T. Joshi



Tim Powers, Poet / John Shirley

The Virtues and Drawbacks of Free Verse / Leigh Blackmore


Notes on Contributors

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