Spectral Realms No. 3






  • A Weird Poetry Journal
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi
  • No. 3 (Summer 2015)
  • 159 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-61498-147-3
  • ISSN 2333-4215
  • Spectral Realms No. 3 features striking wraparound cover art. "Tunnel Fiend 6" is copyright © 2015 by Rabban.





The spectral realms that thou canst see
With eyes veil’d from the world and me.

“To a Dreamer,” H. P. Lovecraft



In this third issue of Spectral Realms, a number of leading contemporary authors of weird fiction—Nicole Cushing, Don Webb, Darrell Schweitzer, Jonathan Thomas, and Jason V Brock—step up to contribute poems of strangeness and terror. In addition, such prominent poets as Wade German, Ann K. Schwader, Fred Phillips, Chad Hensley, Mike Allen, and Leigh Blackmore are represented. Adam Bolivar contributes another lengthy weird ballad, while up-and-coming poets such as K. A. Opperman, Christina Sng, Ian Futter, and DJ Tyrer add an array of diverse and evocative verses. Among the classic reprints are rare poems by A. Merritt and Bruce Boston, as well as a trio of poems by one of America’s leading poets, Dana Gioia.


Leigh Blackmore completes his two-part analysis of the life and work of Leah Bodine Drake. Michael Dirda, one of the nation’s most prominent literary critics, supplies a lengthy and penetrating review of the recent Hippocampus Press edition of Park Barnitz’s classic volume The Book of Jade (1901).


With this issue, Spectral Realms continues to foster the renaissance of weird poetry by the publication of new and old poems as well as trenchant reviews and criticism.




In Fits of Wildest Dreaming ..... K. A. Opperman    

Inheritance ..... Christina Sng    

Rune ..... Wade German    

Song of the Rushes ..... M. F. Webb    

Ode to Hecate ..... Liam Garriock    

Preserves ..... G. O. Clark    

Barley Night ..... Jonathan Thomas    

A Shuddery Tale ..... Charles Lovecraft    

Arcane Stars ..... DJ Tyrer    

Northern Lights ..... Mary Krawczak Wilson    

Always Look under the Bed ..... Mark McLaughlin    

Even Madness Cannot Hide ..... Ashley Dioses    

The Cave of Ebon Boughs ..... D. L. Myers    

The Empty Room ..... Darrell Schweitzer    

Dolls ..... Jason V Brock    

Painted Ladies ..... David Barker    

Brownfields ..... John Mundy

Revelation ..... Fred Phillips    

Daemon Insectarium ..... Chad Hensley    

Sorcerers in Love ..... Don Webb    

Moonrise ..... Christina Sng    

The Game of Cat and Dragon ..... Pat Calhoun    

Lovers’ Wine ..... Stanley Gemmell    

Childe Jackson Drake ..... Adam Bolivar    

Zann ..... Ian Futter    

The Golden Diadem ..... Leigh Blackmore    

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs ..... Jonathan Thomas    

To See or Not to See?  ..... Nicole Cushing    

Carcosa in Mind .....DJ Tyrer    

Butterfly  ..... Carole Abourjeili    

The Death of Twilight  ..... D. L. Myers    

Tragic, Trembling Giant  ..... Linda D. Addison

A Queen in Hell ..... Ashley Dioses    

Witches at the Switches ..... David Barker    

My Heart’s Thin Veil  ..... Margi Curtis    

Clarethea  ..... K. A. Opperman    

Ghoul of the Enamel  ..... Jason Sturner

Azathoth  ..... Charles Lovecraft    

Waking  ..... Ian Futter    

Spinal Piano ..... Reiss McGuinness    

The Thirst of Sekhmet ..... Ann K. Schwader    

The Shadow within Darkness ..... Randall Larson    

Guardians of the Seven Gates ..... Chad Hensley    

Schadenfreude  ..... John Mundy    

Dead Pale Moon  ..... Leigh Blackmore    

To Reach Carcosa ..... Mark McLaughlin    

Sand Bar ..... Jonathan Thomas    

Toujours Il Coûte Trop Cher ..... Mike Allen and C. S. E. Cooney    

Alone in the Desert ..... Mary Krawczak Wilson    

Mother ..... Christina Sng    

The Perfect Rose ..... Ashley Dioses    

End Times ..... DJ Tyrer    

The Lich’s Last Laugh ..... Dan Clore    

A Garden of Unearthly Delights ..... Marge Simon    

Masque Macabre ..... K. A. Opperman    

Gorgoneion ..... Oliver Smith    

Unexpected Meetings  ..... Ian Futter

Black Panther  ..... David Barker    


Classic Reprints    

Old Trinity Churchard ..... A. Merritt    

Illumination in the Mutant Rain Forest ..... Bruce Boston    

Three Songs from Nosferatu ..... Dana Gioia    



“Figures in a Nightmare”— The Poetry of Leah Bodine Drake: Part 2 ..... Leigh Blackmore



Studies of Death ..... Michael Dirda    

Two from Eldritch ..... D. L. Myers    


Notes on Contributors    


Spectral Realms No. 3 features striking wraparound cover art. "Tunnel Fiend 6" is copyright © 2015 by Rabban.

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