Spectral Realms No. 8





  • A Weird Poetry Journal
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi
  • No. 8 (Winter 2018)
  • 133 pages
  • ISBN 9781614982197
  • ISSN 2333-4215
  • Wraparound cover art: “Cave Dwellers” by Mutartis Boswell.


This eighth issue of Spectral Realms features a diverse array of poetry from the pens of such acclaimed poets as Adam Bolivar, Ashley Dioses, K. A. Opperman, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Ann K. Schwader, John Shirley, and Richard L. Tierney. Wade German contributes a cycle of four evocative poems, “The Nightmares”; Manuel Pérez-Campos, with “The Vortex That Ate Poseidonis,” pays tribute to the memory of Clark Ashton Smith; Liam Garriock, a promising young writer from Scotland, contributes the moving prose-poems “The Spirit of the Place” and “Past, Present, and Future”; Charles Lovecraft pays homage to his namesake in “The King of Horrors, Howard Phillips Lovecraft”; in “The Final Masquerade,” Alan Gullette turns the King in Yellow mythos upside down; and Mary Krawczak Wilson channels Lovecraft’s “The Shadow over Innsmouth” in “Sea Creatures.”


Among the classic reprints is a poem by Farnsworth Wright, longtime editor of Weird Tales, published in that immortal pulp magazine under a pseudonym; and Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s chilling “To a Young Murderess.” Frank Coffman contributes a long and incisive analysis, “Verse vs. Free Verse,” in which the virtues and failings of free verse are keenly dissected. Sunni K Brock reviews Christina Sng’s scintillating volume A Collection of Nightmares, and Leigh Blackmore assesses the many strengths of Michael Fantina’s Alchemy of Dreams.


Once again, Spectral Realms #8 is a testament to the remarkable renaissance of weird poetry in our time.




Through Druid Oaks / Leigh Blackmore   
Belladonna / Abigail Wildes   
The Flitter-Bird and the Bloom of Doom / Richard L. Tierney   
Dr. Cat Tree / Jessica Amanda Salmonson   
The Nightmares / Wade German   
The Voice of the Mary Celeste / M. F. Webb   
A Longer Winter / Benjamin Blake   
Succubus Waltz / Joshua Gage   
A Witch’s Memoir / Ashley Dioses   
A Frenzy of Witches / David Barker   
The Girl and Her Wolf Dog / Christina Sng   
The Vortex That Ate Poseidonis / Manuel Pérez-Campos   
Fleeting Existence / J. T. Edwards   
Terrarium / Oliver Smith   
The Return / Ian Futter   
Gas Giant / F. J. Bergmann   
The Spirit of the Place / Liam Garriock   
Red / Mary Krawczak Wilson   
The Old Courthouse / Don Webb   
The Black Hunt / Adam Bolivar   
Forever the Covens Break Us / Claire Smith   
Lycanthrope Moon / Frank Coffman   
Look Beyond / Darrell Schweitzer   
Pumpkin, Oh Pumpkin! / Will Hart   
The World Turns / Kendall Evans   
Looking After Death / John Reinhart   
The King of Horrors, Howard Phillips Lovecraft / Charles Lovecraft   
The Scrying Mirror / Chelsea Arrington   
Desert Witch / Rob Matheny   
The Milk Hare / David Barker   
The Fetch / K. A. Opperman   
Nosferatu / David Schembri   
Hiding the Corpse / Shawn Ramsey   
The Final Masquerade / Alan Gullette   
A Modern Exorcism / Ian Futter   
The Vellum of the Damned / Joshua Gage   
Berserker / Benjamin Blake   
When We Fall / Christina Sng   
Mama Drool / Ross Balcom   
Germina Amoris / Oliver Smith   
The Ballad of  A.M. / M. F. Webb   
Past, Present, and Future / Liam Garriock   
Odd Todd / Jessica Amanda Salmonson   
The Waning Hours of Woe / J. T. Edwards   
Sea Creatures / Mary Krawczak Wilson   
Stanzas of the Metaphysical Student Found in a Notebook / Manuel Pérez-Campos   
The Sudden Raving of a Quiet One / John Shirley   
Procession of the Expendable / David Barker   
The Stalking Horror / Frank Coffman   
Memoirs in the Dark / Christina Sng   
Facing the Demon / Ian Futter   
Volunteers / Ann K. Schwader     
Hollow of the Night / F. J. Bergmann

Classic Reprints   
The Death Angel / Farnsworth Wright   
To a Young Murderess / Arthur O’Shaughnessy   

Verse vs. Free Verse / Frank Coffman   

The Exquisite Nightmares of Christina Sng / Sunni K. Brock   
Of Femmes Fatales and Lost Worlds / Leigh Blackmore   

Notes on Contributors   



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