Dead Reckonings No. 21





  • A Review of Horror and the Weird in the Arts
  • Edited by Alex Houstoun and Michael J. Abolafia
  • No. 21 (Spring 2017)
  • ISBN: 978-1-61498-200-5



Under new editorship and with a broader scope*, this latest new incarnation of our long-running journal offers a bonanza of material for the enthusiast of Horror and the Weird in the Arts!


(*Now featuring interviews, essays,  discussions, diatribes, and of course, plenty of reviews.)





Bestarred with Fainting Flowers ..... Daniel Pietersen

Symbolism and Myth in the Work of R. Murray Gilchrist


The “V” Word ..... Jose Cruz

T. E. Grau, They Don’t Come Home Anymore


Shadows with Teeth ..... Darrell Schweitzer

Ellen Datlow, ed. The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 8


Existential and Ontological Horror ..... S. T. Joshi

Joel Lane, This Spectacular Darkness: Critical Essays, ed. Mark Valentine and John Howard


In the Heliotherapy Ward ..... Amber Doll Diaz

David F. Sandberg, Lights Out


The Horror in the Card Catalog . S. T. Joshi

Darrell Schweitzer and John Ashmead, ed. Tales from the Miskatonic University Library


Southern Discomfort and the Ubiquitous Undead ..... Stephanie Graves

Eric Gary Anderson, Taylor Hagood, and Daniel Cross Turner, ed. Undead Souths: The Gothic and Beyond in Southern Literature and Culture


Forever I’m Alone with You ..... Jose Cruz

Lynda E. Rucker, You’ll Know When You Get There


Stranger Things: A Conversation between Bev Vincent and Hank Wagner


Terrors of the Natural World ..... S. T. Joshi

Richard Gavin, Sylvan Dread: Tales of Pastoral Darkness


Ramsey’s Rant: Remembering Kirby ..... Ramsey Campbell


Psychosexual Syzygy: Checking in at the Bates Motel ..... Gavin Callaghan

Bates Motel, Seasons 1 through 5


Terror for Children ..... Taij Devon

Aric Cushing, Vampire Boy


The Homely Commonplace and the Unimaginably Deranged: J. G. Ballard’s High Rise ..... Alexander Lugo


The Resurgence of Weird Magazines ..... Ashley Dioses


The Final Work of Mark Fisher ..... James Machin

Mark Fisher, The Weird and the Eerie


SMASH EVERYTHING! Bobby Rhodes and His Demons

Nathan Chazan


THINKING HORROR: An Exchange with s. j. bagley ..... Alex Houstoun


Pastiches of Pastiches S. T. Joshi

Brian M. Sammons and Glynn Owen Barrass, ed. The Children of Gla’aki: A Tribute to Ramsey Campbell’s Great Old One


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