Dead Reckonings No. 12




  • A Review of Horror Literature
  • Edited by June M. Pulliam and Tony Fonseca





No. 12 (Fall 2012)


Children of Bram and Poesy du Macabre / John Edgar Browning   

Stephen Jones, ed., The Mammoth Book of Dracula; Michael A. Arnzen. The Gorelets Omnibus: Collected Poems, 2001–2011


Horror Authors Get Religion / Kendra Kuss Ditto   

Stacia Kane, Sacrificial Magic; Michele Lang, Dark Victory


Uttering the Unutterable / Tony Fonseca   

S. T. Joshi, Unutterable Horror: A History of Supernatural Fiction


Time and Time Again / Antoinette Winstead   

Dean Koontz, The Dead Town: A Novel and Odd Apocalypse: An Odd Thomas Novel


Weird Poetry, Then and Now / S. T. Joshi   

Brett Rutherford, ed., Matthew Gregory Lewis (ed.) Tales of Wonder and Last Flowers: The Romance and Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe & Sarah Helen Whitman; Whippoorwill Road: The Supernatural Poems of Brett Rutherford


The Return of the Old-Fashioned Tale of Terror / Robert Butterfield   

Scott Thomas, Urn and Willow; William Meikle. Dark Melodies


Sweet Zombie Jesus! / June Pulliam   

Daryl Gregory, Raising Stony Mayhall 


Martin’s Classic Vampire Still Lives / Braden Dauzat   

George R. R. Martin, Fevre Dream


Vampire Sluts, Doppelgangers, and Impossible Abodes / Javier A. Martinez   

Blake Butler. There Is No Year; Grace Krilanovich, The Orange Eats Creeps


A Shadow of His Best Work / Tim Lucas   

Tim Burton, dir. Dark Shadows


Shelley’s Monster Lives / Matthew McEver   

Mary Shelley, Frankenstein


The Heart of Darkness / Bev Vincent   

Peter Straub, The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine; Graham Joyce, Some Kind of Fairy Tale


Ramsey Campbell, Probably: A Can of Heinz


Love(crafty)an Eccentrics / Darrell Schweitzer   

Peter Cannon, Forever Azathoth: Parodies and Pastiches; W. H. Pugmire, Uncommon Places: A Collection of Exquisites


Callers from Hell / Van Viator   

Tom Fletcher, The Leaping and The Thing on the Shore.


A Brilliant Idea Poorly Executed / Jim Rockhill   

John C. Tibbetts, The Gothic Imagination


The Wonderful World of Nihilism / Antoinette Winstead   

Dean Koontz, 77 Shadow Street; Adam Nevill, The Ritual


Rekindling Interest in Two Novels / Tony Fonseca   

Ramsey Campbell, The Seven Days of Cain; Graham Masterton, Petrified


Two Views of Two Classics / Hank Wagner, with Bev Vincent   

Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine and Something Wicked This Way Comes


Vampires on Ice / Hank Wagner   

Matt Forbeck, Carpathia; Barbara Hambly, The Magistrates of Hell


Lesser Powers? / Darrell Schweitzer   

Tim Powers, The Bible Repairman and Other Stories


Of Mirrors and Lakes / Tony Fonseca   

Eric A. Jackson, A Blind Eye to the Rearview; Ronald [Damien] Malfi, Floating Staircase


Werewolf Novel a Real Dog / June Pulliam   

Anne Rice, The Wolf Gift


Giron “Classic” Promises, But  Doesn’t Deliver / Andy Trevathan   

Sephera Giron, The Birds and the Bees


The Weird Scholar / S. T. Joshi


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