Dead Reckonings No. 16




  • A Review of Horror Literature
  • Edited by June M. Pulliam and Tony Fonseca




No. 16 (Fall 2014)



Ramsey Campbell, Probably: Four Colour Horror

 From Mythos to Icon / Martin Andersson
     S. T. Joshi, ed., A Mountain Walked

 Recommended by Stephen King / Hank Wagner & Bev Vincent
     Christopher Golden, Snowblind; Nick Cutter, The Troop

 Tales of Two (Word)Smiths / Robert Butterfield
     Clint Smith, Ghouljaw and Other Stories; James Robert Smith, A Confederacy of Horrors

 Horror Everlasting / Jonathan Johnson
     Michael Aronovitz, The Voices in Our Heads; Alice Walks; and The Witch of the Wood

 Le Fanu at 200: Dublin Celebrates the Bicentenary of Its “Invisible Prince” / Jim Rockhill

 Memories and Ghosts of Ireland, the Other Europe, and Beyond / John Edgar Browning
     John Howard, The Silver Voices; Jim Rockhill and Brian J. Showers, ed. Dreams of Shadow and Smoke: Stories for J. S.  Le Fanu

 Uneven But Essential for Researchers / Richard Bleiler
     James Goho, Journeys into Darkness: Critical Essays on Gothic Horror; Gary Hoppenstand, ed. Critical Insights: The American Thriller

 Why We Need Horror Film Fanzines / Chris Dallis
     John Szpunar, Xerox Ferox: The Wild World of the Horror Film Fanzine

 Obscure But Excellent / Greg Gbur
     John Blackburn, Our Lady of Pain

 Girls Will Be Ghouls / Stephanie A. Graves
     June Pulliam, Monstrous Bodies

 Vampire Classic Back in Print / Darrell Schweitzer
     Michael Talbot, The Delicate Dependency

 The Tale Remains Untold / Tony Fonseca
     Robin Spriggs, The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom

 Old Ghouls Gone Wild / Martin Andersson
     Ellen Datlow, ed. Lovecraft’s Monsters

 Scholar Alert! / June Pulliam
     Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Found Footage Horror Films; Katarzyna Marak, Japanese and American Horror; Shaka McGlotten and Steve Jones, ed. Zombies and Sexuality; William Schoell, The Horror Comics—1940s–1980s; and Jon Towelson, Subversive Horror Cinema

 Chambers, Lovecraft, and Pastiche / S. T. Joshi
     Glynn Owen Barrass, ed. In the Court of the Yellow King and Jesse Bullington, ed. Letters to Lovecraft

 A Fate Worse Than Death / Hank Wagner & Bev Vincent
     Stephen King, Mr. Mercedes, and Revival

 Idle Minds and Literary Playthings / Richard Bleiler
     Rhys Hughes, Bone Idle in the Charnel House

 A Fine and Diverse New Horror Anthology / Robert Butterfield
     Ellen Datlow, ed. The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Six

 Doomed to Fail / Tony Fonseca
     Daryl Gregory, We Are All Completely Fine

 Victorian, Verbose, and Never Picks Up Steam / Leigh Blackmore
     K. W. Jeter, Fiendish Schemes

 Kamog! Kamog! / S. T. Joshi
     David Barker and W. H. Pugmire, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal

 A Dark Shadow from the Past / Darrell Schweitzer
     Evangeline Walton, She Walks in Darkness

 The Mystery Man of Weird Fiction / S. T. Joshi
     Matt Cardin, ed. Born to Fear: Interviews with Thomas Ligotti; Thomas Ligotti, The Spectral Link

 Eeking Out a Passable Adult Novel, or Not /Richard Bleiler
     Greg Van Eekhout, California Bones

 The Schauerroman in Its Proper Context  / Jim Rockhill
     Andrew Cusack and Barry Murnane, ed., Popular Revenants

 Supernatural Senility / June Pulliam
     The Taking of Deborah Logan, dir. Adam Robitel

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