Weird Talers: Essays on Robert E. Howard and Others


  • By Bobby Derie
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • ISBN 9781614982586 (print)
  • ISBN 9781614982630 (Kindle)
  • Cover design by Dan Sauer, incorporating Bobby Derie's photomontage of Robert E. Howard.




For more than a decade, Bobby Derie has written insightful and penetrating essays on some of the leading authors of pulp fiction in the 1920s and 1930s, especially Robert E. Howard and his friends, colleagues, and fellow-writers. In this collection of twenty-six essays, Derie covers an extraordinarily wide range of subjects; but in every instance he draws upon primary documents to illuminate some of the obscurer corners in the realm of the pulp magazines, especially the legendary Weird Tales.


Here we find studies of the expansive and at times contentious correspondence of H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard; Howard’s association with such colleagues in the pulp world as Clark Ashton Smith, Henry S. Whitehead, and Frank Belknap Long; Howard’s sporadic involvement with such fans as R. H. Barlow, Stuart M. Boland, and Francis T. Laney; a discussion of Howard’s writing for amateur papers; and numerous other topics.


Derie’s perspicacity and keenness of analysis are apparent on every page of his work. His thorough familiarity, not only with Robert E. Howard’s fiction but also with his bountiful letters, serves as the foundation of his critical work, and he exhibits a wide knowledge of the work of Lovecraft, Smith, and others who form the inexhaustibly fascinating cadre of writers associated with Weird Tales.


Bobby Derie is the author of Sex and the Cthulhu Mythos (2014) and the compiler of The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard: Index and Addenda (2015). He has written numerous articles on pulp fiction that have appeared in print and in online venues.





Howard, Lovecraft, & "The Sin-Eater"

The Shadow out of Spain

The Mirror of E’ch-Pi-El: Robert E. Howard in the Letters of H. P. Lovecraft

Fragments from the Lost Letters of H. P. Lovecraft to Robert E. Howard

Dear Bob; Cordially Yours, Clark Ashton Smith

Ebony and Crystal: REH, CAS, and Fraternal Good Wishes

That Fool Olson

Conan and the Dweller: Robert E. Howard & William Lumley

Conan and Canevin: Robert E. Howard & Henry S. Whitehead

Friend of a Friend: Robert E. Howard & Frank Belknap Long

Weird Talers: Robert E. Howard & Seabury Quinn

Conan and the OAK: Robert E. Howard & Otis Adelbert Kline

A Lost Weird Anthology, 1930-1933

A Lost Correspondence: Robert E. Howard & Stuart M. Boland

The Two Bobs: Robert E. Howard & Robert H. Barlow

Conan and the Acolyte: Robert E. Howard and F. T. Laney

Fan Mail: Prohibition in “The Souk”

Fan Mail: Robert Bloch vs. Conan

First Fans: Robert E. Howard and Emil Petaja

An Irreparable Loss: Robert E. Howard and Weird Tales, 1936

Robert E. Howard and the Amateur Press

School Papers: The Tattler, The Progress, The Yellow Jacket and The Collegian

Amateur Journalism: The All-Around Magazine, The Toreador, The Bard, The Golden Caliph, and The Right-Hook

The Junto

Fan Press: Marvel Tales, The Fantasy Fan, Fantasy Magazine, and The Phantagraph

Fan Mail and The Hyborian Age

Robert E. Howard in Mexico

F. Thurston Torbett and F. Lee Baldwin on Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard’s Reefer Madness

Dr. Isaac M. Howard, Pellagra, and Homeopathy




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