From the Cauldron by Fred Phillips


  • 2010
  • ISBN 978-0-9844802-6-5
  • 133 pp



“This is a richly varied assortment, well-crafted and surefooted. Whether recalling the exotic realms of Clark Ashton Smith, the chaos-haunted New England of Lovecraft, or the minstrelsy of the high Middle Ages, Phillips is both lyrical and convincing. His weird nocturnal gardens are populated by very real toads.”—Ann K. Schwader, author of The Worms Remember


The rich tradition of weird poetry is alive and well in the work of Fred Phillips, whose poems run the gamut from medieval fantasy to sword-and-sorcery to supernatural horror. This substantial collection of his weird verse is the product of decades of work and reflects Phillips’s wide-ranging interests in Celtic and Scandinavian myth as well as the exoticism of Clark Ashton Smith and the clutching terror of H. P. Lovecraft.


A master of the sonnet, Phillips exhibits an effortless skill at formal verse patterns that brings Smith, Donald Wandrei, and George Sterling to mind. From the Cauldron introduces us to a seasoned poet whose sensitivity to the wonder and terror of the cosmos is unexcelled.


Fred Phillips (b. 1937) began writing poetry during his senior year of high school. His work has appeared in The Cimmerian, Studies in the Fantastic, Weird Fiction Review and numerous amateur journals. He was the first Poet Laureate of the Eastern Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. A reader and collector of speculative fiction since the age of sixteen, he is also a founder of a book-collecting association, the Ancient and Honourable Order of the Drowned Rat.



"Here is a slim volume of enchanting and horrific poetry. Phillips has been writing poetry since his high school days and this collection features sonnets and verse that a mastery that calls to mind the works of Clark Ashton Smith and Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth.

"The poems are grouped by interest. Be they medieval fantasy like those of Clark Ashton Smith, sword and sorcery reminiscent of Robert E Howard, or the horrors of H P Lovecraft, Phillips has mastery woefully unseen in the poets of today.

"'The House', 'The Street', 'The Pit', 'They Also Rule, Who Only Stand and Baste', and 'Ode to Asbjorn Gustavsson Haarfagr' show the depth of his wording and expression. Hopefully, this volume is still available for those with interest in poetry and the Mythos related style."


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