Visions by Richard A. Lupoff


  • July 2012
  • Paperback, 268 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-61498-038-4
  • Introduction by Peter S. Beagle
  • Cover artwork Steven Gilberts




“Richard Lupoff’s stories are singularly clever, inventive, well-crafted and involving. He can put on different styles as easily as some of us change suits, and all of them fit him exquisitely.”—DEAN R. KOONTZ

“Every story offers a smile–and a surprise. You just cannot predict where Lupoff is going to lead you!”—R. L. STINE

“The glimpse of discipline, of careful researching, of intense purpose, of the need to shape and polish, reshape and repolish, which he gives another writer will make that writer take a very hard look at his own bad habits.”––THEODORE STURGEON

Although Richard A. Lupoff is well known for his mystery and science fiction stories, Dick is an equally capable spinner of tales of fantasy and horror. VISIONS offers the reader a wide range of stories: chronicles of the psychic detective Abraham ben Zaccheus, Lovecraftian tales, and other tales of fantasy and horror showcasing Dick’s boundless imagination, and his skills as a masterful storyteller.

This is the first trade paperback edition of VISIONS and contains a new story original to the Hippocampus edition, "April Dawn," a chilling case from the files of Abraham ben Zaccheus and his friend, Robert W. Chambers.

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