The Nemesis of Night by Adam Niswander


  • A Southwestern Supernatural Thriller
  • (A Novel in The Shaman Cycle)
  • December 2011
  • ISBN 978-0-9846386-4-2  
  • 342 pp


     In Arizona, above a blind canyon surrounded by rugged cliffs, lies the lost city of Tok Wami—a dark place created years before by rebellious Native American witches. Though the city lies in ruins, something stirs there. Dreams and visions speak to the shamans in the Great Gathering of creatures of the night—creatures called the Lieuw. But clues are found not just in dreams and visions. A  man named Asa Fox, has a strange tale to tell. At Twoleaf’s Bar near Shiprock, Bertram Twoleafs and his cousin Gordon Smythe speak to a frightened old man, known as Navajo Joe. Joe tells them his story of the Night Cloak. The news that three black panthers have escaped from an Arizona zoo goes out over the airways and people are asked not to harm the animals but report them to authorities. Animal Control will handle the recapture. Bodies are found crushed beyond recognition, pets simply disappear. Something is sweeping through the Southwest, and no one is safe—not the rich and powerful, nor the humblest civil servant.

     Once again, the shamans of the Great Gathering and their allies must step in to prevent calamity—but this time, the solutions are not so clear.

Adam Niswander is the popular and critically acclaimed author of The Charm, The Serpent Slayers, The Hound Hunters, and other novels.

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