The Atlantis Fragments: The Novel


  • The Existing Chronicle: A Vision of the Final Days
  • 2012
  • Paperback
  • ISBN  978-1-61498-036-0
  • 324 pp



Please note: Amazon has incorrectly identified this as an "abridged version" of The Atlantis Fragments (Poems). It's not. This is a separate work: Donald Sidney-Fryer's first novel, set in the same universe as his poetry omnibus.


"The Atlantis Fragments: The Novel is to be looked upon as a companion volume to Sidney-Fryer’s poetry omnibus The Atlantis Fragments (Poems).  In one of his letters DSF wrote that 'the novel and the poetry omnibus are complementary, the later illuminating the novel "off-scene" and the former providing the main story.'  So obviously if you’ve got one, you’ll probably want to have the other.

"Donald Sidney-Fryer was very adamant about what he was trying to accomplish in the writing of this Atlantean novel, which takes us into the final days of that legendary civilization.  He wrote:  'I wanted to see if it were possible to create a narrative with little overt conflict or tension, holding it off until the very end, i.e., the conflict with the Athenians and then, especially, the Great Cataclysm.'   He added that he hopes his book may be read with pleasure, because then he will know he has succeeded.  Well I can state that for me it was a pleasurable experience; no failure there."

--Brian Leno, in REH: Two-Gun Raconteur




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