Tales Out Of Dunwich Edited by Robert M. Price


  • August 2005
  • ISBN 0974878995
  • Paperback


This anthology, edited by Robert M. Price, is set in and around H. P. Lovecraft's fictional locale. The contributors are Jack Williamson, Stanley C. Sargent, Brian McNaughton, Richard A. Lupoff, Don D'Ammassa, Nancy A. Collins, Gerard E. Giannattasio, Eddy C. Bertin, and Price himself.

The anthology will also include a complete novel by Harper Williams, The Thing in the Woods (1924) which provided the original inspiration for Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror."

Table Of Contents:

  1. Harper Williams, The Thing in the Woods.
  2. Jack Williamson, "The Mark of the Monster"
  3. Nancy A. Collins, "The Thing from Lover's Lane"
  4. Robert M. Price, "Acute Spiritual Fear"
  5. Stanley C. Sargent, "Black Brat of Dunwich"
  6. Brian McNaughton, "The Dunwich Lodger"
  7. Richard A. Lupoff, "The Doom that Came to Dunwich"
  8. Don D'Ammassa, "The Dunwich Gate"
  9. Gerard E. Giannattasio, "The N-Scale Horror"
  10. Eddy C. Bertin, "Dunwich Dreams, Dunwich Screams"

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