MEviews Review: The Metal Monster

Lisa DuMond

"Goodwin, Drake, Ventnor and his fair sister Ruth, are the first modern humans to face the awful force that they term 'The Metal Monster' -- unlike anything the group has ever encountered. The chilling tale they have to relate is almost too fantastic to be credited, but Merritt knows it is duty to bring the story to the world, to let everyone know the terrible fate they barely escaped and the possibility of other such monsters out there.

"What follows is a long, meticulously detailed journal of the four's amazing, astounding, jaw-dropping adventures in a hidden world. It's vintage stuff, for die-hard enthusiasts of the sub-genre. Go into it knowing that and you won't be disappointed; you'll applaud Hippocampus for preserving this example of a lost style and a long-gone point in our history. Add it to your shelf of Golden Age classics."