Cold Harbour: Francis Brett Young AND Sinister House: Leland Hall


  • 2008
  • ISBN13: 978-0-9793806-5-5
  • Paperback


We are pleased to present the latest two entries in the Lovecraft’s Library series: Cold Harbour by Francis Brett Young, and Sinister House by Leland Hall.

H. P. Lovecraft praised these novels in his treatise Supernatural Horror in Literature, suggesting they attained a threshold of merit that justifies bringing them to the attention of the modern devotee of weird fiction.

In the 1924 novel Cold Harbour by Francis Brett Young, an ancient house of strange malignancy is powerfully delineated. The mocking and well-nigh omnipotent fiend Humphrey Furnival might perhaps have coloured Lovecraft’s portrayal of Joseph Curwen in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

Leland Hall’s Sinister House (1919) is a supernatural tale of a strangely appealing quality. Against the background of a typical American suburb is projected a genuine atmosphere of horror. Days of bright autumn sun and family picnics precede nights that are black with great winds blowing. Comfortable fires and pleasant food—and then ghostly fingers at one’s neck!

Each novel is introduced by S. T. Joshi and features its first edition cover art. We are fortunate to present Sinister House with its four original interior illustrations, as well. Both novels are conveniently reprinted in one volume, reminiscent of the “Ace Doubles” of a bygone era of publishing.

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