Spectral Realms No. 9







  • A Weird Poetry Journal
  • Cover illustration and design by Daniel V. Sauer
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi
  • No. 9 (Summer 2018)
  • 136 pages
  • ISBN 9781614982289
  • ISSN 2333-4215






 The Visionary / Ian Futter

 Final Library / Ann K. Schwader

 Flesh Flowers / John Shirley

 Forty Years in Innsmouth / M. F. Webb

 A Dream of Vengeance (In Imitation of Robert E. Howard) /  Michael Fantina

 The Thing in the Forest / Frank Coffman

 The Urge to Write / Liam Garriock

 The Sorceress’s Lament / Ashley Dioses

 Cornflower Valley / Christina Sng

 The Willful Child / Fred Chappell

 Cat Girl Cantata / Michael D. Miller

 A Voyage Too Far / J. T. Edwards

 Are We Not Beautiful in Our Decay? / Allan Rozinski

 The Song of the Siren / Chelsea Arrington

 Acrostic Sonnet in Memory of Providence, R.I., 8 August 1936 / Charles Lovecraft

 A Bloodless Man / Mary Krawczak Wilson

 Great Mother / David B. Harrington

 Three Witches / David Barker

 Angry in His Grave / Darrell Schweitzer

 Toads / Wade German

 The Witch’s Son / Adam Bolivar

 Halloween Reverie / K. A. Opperman

 Contemplate the Alchemy of Dancing Quantum Particles / Kendall Evans

 Rek-Cocci Stirs / Scott J. Couturier

 The Loved / Ian Futter

 Antarktos Sequence / Manuel Pérez-Campos

 On a Poet’s 80th Birthday / Leigh Blackmore

 Spectral Realms: An Homage / Frank Coffman

 The Angel’s Pen / Charles D. O’Connor III

 Gautier Ghost Story / Chad Hensley

 Lucifer Romantico / Tatiana

 We Are the Owls / Jessica Amanda Salmonson

 Thalía / Manuel Arenas

 The Wendigo / Michelle Jeffrey

 She’s a Legend: A Song Sung by the Unsung / John Shirley

 Elegy for Futurism / Liam Garriock

 Spectral Noir / Deborah L. Davitt

 Graveyard Feline Morning / Benjamin Blake

 The Vampire’s Mother / Christina Sng

 The Dark Reclaims Us / Ann K. Schwader

 The Unseen / Mary Krawczak Wilson

 The Last God / David Barker

 Night Thoughts of a Nonentity / Manuel Pérez-Campos

 When Black Tom Came / Scott J. Couturier

 Scholar and Sorcerer: For S. T. Joshi, on His 60th Birthday  (22 June 2018) / Michael Fantina

 Flowers from Another World / Kendall Evans

 Dark Entry IV / Chad Hensley

 The Last Illusion of Robert Houdin / Jessica Amanda Salmonson

 On Wings of Fire / David B. Harrington

 The Merman / Tatiana

 Of Hooves and Horns / Michelle Jeffrey

 Weird Tales, the First Run: An Homage / Frank Coffman

 In Ligno / Deborah L. Davitt .

 The Mermaid / Christina Sng

 When Nightfall Comes to Ooth-Nargai / Manuel Pérez-Campos .

 The Autumn Sphinx / Liam Garriock


 Classic Reprints  

 The Creaking Door / Madison Cawein .

 The Fairy Changeling / Dora Sigerson Shorter



 Clark Ashton Smith and Robert Nelson: Master and Apprentice: Part  / Marcos Legaria



 In the Footsteps of the Masters / Donald Sidney-Fryer

 A New Formalist / Frank Coffman

 Drowning in Delicious Weird / Russ Parkhurst

 Musings Philosophical and Religious / Donald Sidney-Fryer


 Notes on Contributors 




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