Spectral Realms No. 02




  • A Weird Poetry Journal
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi
  • No. 2 (Winter 2015)
  • 159 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-61498-124-4
  • ISSN 2333-4215





The spectral realms that thou canst see
With eyes veil’d from the world and me.

“To a Dreamer,” H. P. Lovecraft


This second issue of Spectral Realms, Hippocampus Press’s acclaimed journal of weird poetry, features all-original poems—sonnets, ballads, vibrant free-verse lyrics, and much else—from such leading writers as John Shirley, William F. Nolan, Wade German, Gemma Files, Ann Schwader, W. H. Pugmire, and many others. It leads off with a lengthy poem by Donald Sidney-Fryer, one of the pillars of the weird poetry movement for the last half-century or more.


Spectral Realms is devoted to the study and analysis of weird poetry as much as it is a showcase for the poetry itself. Accordingly, this issue features Part 1 of Leigh Blackmore’s detailed examination of the verse of Leah Bodine Drake, whose A Hornbook for Witches is one of the rarest of books published by Arkham House. The issue also contains incisive reviews of recent books of poetry by Sunni K Brock.


With its generous sampling of poetry both old and new, its articles and reviews, and its elegant and tasteful design, Spectral Realms is the ideal showcase for the renaissance of weird poetry now underway.





 A Spectral Realm Mystery ..... Donald Sidney-Fryer

 At the Last of Carcosa ..... Ann K. Schwader

 The Spire ..... Chad Hensley

 Conundrum ..... Fred Phillips

 Fallen: A Lament and Affirmation ..... Jason V Brock

 The Dark Road from Yorehaven ..... D. L. Myers

 Mummify Me ..... Jonathan Thomas

 The Apple ..... Claire Smith

 The Song of the Unformed ..... Gemma Files

 Occult Agency ..... Wade German

 The Promise ..... Darrell Schweitzer

 Witch’s Love ..... Ashley Dioses

 Haunted ..... William F. Nolan

 The Lamp: A Fable ..... John C. Tibbetts

 When Rose Petals Fall ..... John Shirley

 Among the Ghouls ..... K. A. Opperman 

 Incantations ..... Michael Fantina

 Revenant ..... F. J. Bergmann

 Another Knife-Grey Day ..... Michael Kelly 

 Song for Naughty Children ..... David Barker 

 Rock On ..... Marge Simon 

 The Ballad of Jack Keeper ..... Adam Bolivar

 Robert Nelson: An Invitation ..... Charles D. O’Connor III

 The Desolate Kirkyard ..... Liam Garriock

 The Realm of Angels ..... David Schembri

 Invocation to Dispel Loneliness on Insomniac Nights ..... Dan Clore

 The Final Conversation ..... Ian Futter

 The Sire ..... Chad Hensley

 Foiled Design ..... Fred Phillips

 “The Outsider” ..... W. H. Pugmire

 Girls and Their Balloons ..... Stephanie M. Wytovich

 Calving ..... Gemma Files

Barn ..... Jonathan Thomas 

The Night Is Black and White ..... Leigh Blackmore

 Harrow ..... D. L. Myers

 Mother Killer ..... Melissa Frederick 

 Void Music ..... Ann K. Schwader

 Lavinia Whateley ..... Darrell Schweitzer

 Lines on Reading A. Merritt ..... John C. Tibbetts

 The Keeper of the Innsmouth Light ..... M. F. Webb 

 The Mood of the Moon ..... Wade German

 The Cobbled Trail ..... Michael Fantina 

 The Depths of Enlightenment ..... Sean Elliot Martin

 The Bone Bird ..... Mike Allen

 A Billion Souls Gaze West ..... David Barker

 Furaq ..... Carole Abourjeili

 The Blood Garden ..... K. A. Opperman 

 Tricks ..... Ian Futter

 Ligeia ..... Ashley Dioses

 Hungry, the Rain-God Wakens ..... Michael Kelly

 Legacy ..... Fred Phillips

 A Search for Light in Night; A Search for Dark in Day ..... John Shirley

 Palimpsest ..... F. J. Bergmann 

 Kiosk to Kadath ..... Chad Hensley

 The Nightmare-Monger ..... Dan Clore

 A Devil’s Nursery Book ..... Adam Bolivar

 Swampsong ..... Oliver Smith

 Beauty and Oblivion ..... K. A. Opperman & Charles D. O’Connor III

 Head Ornaments ..... Stephanie M. Wytovich

 My Ashen Heart ..... Leigh Blackmore

 The Dream Sorceress ..... Michael Fantina

 Oblivion’s Daughter ..... David Barker

 Purloined ..... Mike Allen

 Vexteria ..... Ashley Dioses

 The Writer ..... Ian Futter


Classic Reprints 

 The Skeleton Sexton ..... Francis S. Saltus

 The Ballad of Dead Men’s Bay ..... Algernon Charles Swinburne

 The Cathedral of Lost Faces ..... Bruce Boston



 “Figures in a Nightmare”—The Poetry of Leah Bodine Drake: Part 1 ..... Leigh Blackmore



 Some Hits, Some Misses ..... Sunni K Brock


 Notes on Contributors 


On the cover of this issue, Charles E. Burchfield's “Childhood’s Garden” (1917). Water color on paper, 27 x 19 in. Used by kind permission of the Charles E. Burchfield Foundation.


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