Spectral Realms No. 15









  • A Weird Poetry Journal
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi
  • Cover art and design by Daniel V. Sauer
  • No. 15 (Summer 2021)
  • 144 pages
  • ISBN 9781614983422
  • ISSN 2333-4215



The fifteenth issue of Spectral Realms features scintillating work from many of the leading weird poets of today, including Frank Coffman, Wade German, K. A. Opperman, Ann K. Schwader, and Steven Withrow. David Barker continues his cycle of poems inspired by Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth; Carl E. Reed offers a chilling ballad, “The Call of Lizzie,” while D. J. Tyrer evokes Robert W. Chambers’s most famous creations in “Carcoza” and “In the Court of the Dragon.” Justin Permenter summons up the all too real terrors of the Inquisition, Lori R. Lopez mulls on the eternal fascination of the cat, and Adam Bolivar presents a pair of his memorable ballads.

Among the prose poems in this issue, Maxwell I. Gold contributes a trio of his striking ruminations on the terrors of the cyber world, while D. L. Myers finds weirdness in the natural world in “Lepidoptera, My Sweet.” In the Classic Reprints section we find poems by Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Conrad Aiken. S. T. Joshi reviews a trilogy of recent books of poetry, while Leigh Blackmore finds much merit in K. A. Opperman’s new volume. In all, a rich feast for the devotee of the weird in verse!




Mother Dearest / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

Epiphany / M. F. Webb

October is Coming / K. A. Opperman

Plague / Lori R. Lopez

Ballade of the Plague Orgy of Moloch / Wade German

Télos: The Anxiety of Choice / Maxwell I. Gold

Close Behind / by Frank Coffman

The Swamp Maiden / Jordan Zuniga

Permian-Triassic / Geoffrey Reiter

I Awaken in October / Scott J. Couturier

Reading the Leaves / Ann K. Schwader

What Came of the Search / Steven Withrow

The Banquet of Thalassa / Oliver Smith

Tremulous Expectancy / Charles Lovecraft

Assailant from the Unknown / David Barker

The Call of Lizzie / Carl E. Reed

Black Hymeneal / Manuel Arenas

In the Small Hours (moon version) / Chad Hensley

The Final Conquest / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

Carcoza / DJ Tyrer

Mail Order Bride / Alicia Hilton

Plaything / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Death’s Kingdom / Jordan Zuniga

Lepidoptera, My Sweet / D. L. Myers

The Meadows of Night / F. J. Bergmann

Termination Shock / Geoffrey Reiter

The Gathering / M. F. Webb

The Costume / Lori R. Lopez

Faust Unrepentant / Josh Maybrook

Jack Thunder / Adam Bolivar

Of Masks and Monsters / Maxwell I. Gold

Goblin Laughter / Wade German

The Eden Spills / P. B. Grant

Oleander and Wolfsbane / Alicia Hilton

Beautiful Beast / Claire Smith

La Villa Infestada / Frank Coffman

The Haunter of College Hill / David Barker

Within the Wood / Abigail Wildes

A Bottled Dredge / Charles Lovecraft

An Old Bone in the Bluebells / Oliver Smith

Carrot and Stick / Steven Withrow

Shuffling Horror / Carl E. Reed

To Kiss Death’s Shroud / Scott J. Couturier

Witch’s Tit / Manuel Arenas

Our Ghosts Are Going Away / Darrell Schweitzer

In The Court of the Dragon / DJ Tyrer

An Ungodly Thing / Jordan Zuniga

Uses of Enchantment / F. J. Bergmann

Allure of the Western Sky / Jay Sturner

“Shadows, You Say” / Frank Coffman

Hounds of the Lord / Justin Permenter

A Crow Is Calling / Lori R. Lopez

Laughter out of the Sea / Maxwell I. Gold

Old Sorcery / Wade German

Fatal Attraction / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

The Damned: A Ghazal / Joshua Gage

The Bookshop on the Wharf / David Barker

Printz’s Oratory / Steven Withrow

The Daemon Masque / Adam Bolivar

A Word / Geoffrey Reiter

Moonlit Waters / Ashley Dioses

Manurog / Manuel Arenas

Black-winged Battle Cry / Carl E. Reed


Classic Reprints

The Deserted House / Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Vampire / Conrad Aiken



Two Contemporaries, One Classic / S. T. Joshi

 An Aesthetic of Grotesquerie / Leigh Blackmore


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