Dead Reckonings No. 06




  • A Review of Horror Literature
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi and Jack Madison Haringa
  • No. 6 (Fall 2009)


Table of contents


Crooked House Bev Vincent 3  
From the Sensuous to the Sophomoric Zachary Z. E. Bennett 6  
Ending the World: Do’s and Don’ts Kevin Dole 10  
For Aficionados Only Robert Butterfield 12  
Destined for the Remainder Shelves Scott David Briggs 17  
The Way of Escape Sherry Austin 22  
Gold, Silver, and Bronze Hank Wagner 37  
More Than Just Tentacles Martin Andersson 28  
Apocalypse Nowadays John Edgar Browning 33  
Impalements at Piccadilly Circus John Edgar Browning 46  
Horror as an Afterthought Tony Fonseca 49  
Of Fishmen and Lovecraftian Place-Names John M. Navroth 52  
A Modern “Heart of Darkness” S. T. Joshi 55  
The Banality of Evil June Pulliam 58  
Two (or More) Tales of Dark Religion Matt Cardin 60  
Robert Bloch: Psycho and Beyond Henrik Sandbeck Harksen 65  
Tradition Viewed through Different Lenses Jim Rockhill 68  
Formula and Geography Richard Bleiler 74  
A Window onto the Real Poe Benjamin F. Fisher 77  
Vampires, the Holocaust, and 9/11 Michael Marano 80  
The Weird Tradition in Poetry Darrell Schweitzer 84  
The Perfect Length for Horror Hank Wagner 87  
The Weird Scholar S. T. Joshi 89  


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