Dead Reckonings No. 06




  • A Review of Horror Literature
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi and Jack Madison Haringa





No. 6 (Fall 2009)


Crooked House / Bev Vincent

Sarah Langan, Audrey’s Door


From the Sensuous to the Sophomoric / Zachary Z. E. Bennett

David Niall Wilson, Ennui and Other Stories of Madness


Ending the World: Do’s and Don’ts / Kevin Dole

Lavie Tidhar and Nir Yaniv, The Tel Aviv Dossier; Tim Lebbon, Bar None


For Aficionados Only / Robert Butterfield

Simon Stranzas, Cold to the Touch; Alan M. Clark and Elizabeth Massie, D. D. Murphry, Secret Policeman


Destined for the Remainder Shelves / Scott David Briggs

Brian Knight, Reservoir Gods; Seamus Cooper, The Mall of Cthulhu


The Way of Escape / Sherry Austin

Barbara Roden, Northwest Passages; Kealan Patrick Burke, The 121 to Pennsylvania and Others


More Than Just Tentacles / Martin Andersson

Henrik Harksen, ed., Eldritch Horrors; Ellen Datlow, ed., Lovecraft Unbound


Apocalypse Nowadays / John Edgar Browning

Greg F. Gifune, Children of Chaos; Greg F. Gifune, Blood in Electric Blue


Gold, Silver, and Bronze / Hank Wagner

Stephen Jones, ed. The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 20; Charles Black, ed. The Fourth Black Book of Horror; Richard Chizmar, ed. Shivers V.


Ramsey Campbell, Probably: The Edited Version


Impalements at Piccadilly Circus / John Edgar Browning

Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt, Dracula the Un-Dead


Horror as an Afterthought / Tony Fonseca

John Harwood, The Séance; Gemma Mawdsley, The Paupers’ Graveyard


Of Fishmen and Lovecraftian Place-Names / John M. Navroth

James A. Moore, Deeper


A Modern “Heart of Darkness” / S. T. Joshi

Caitlín R. Kiernan, The Red Tree


The Banality of Evil / June Pulliam

Bentley Little, His Father’s Son


Two (or More) Tales of Dark Religion / Matt Cardin

Leopoldo Gout, Ghost Radio; Brian Evenson, Last Days


Robert Bloch: Psycho and Beyond / Henrik Sandbeck Harksen

Benjamin Szumskyj, ed., The Man Who Collected Psychos: Critical Essays on Robert Bloch


Tradition Viewed through Different Lenses / Jim Rockhill

Scott Thomas, The Garden of Ghosts; John Langan, Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters


Formula and Geography / Richard Bleiler

Graham Masterton, Basilisk; Danel Olson, ed., Exotic Gothic 2: New Tales of Taboo


A Window onto the Real Poe / Benjamin F. Fisher

John Ward Ostrom, ed., The Collected Letters of Edgar Allan Poe


Vampires, the Holocaust, and 9/11 / Michael Marano

Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, The Strain


The Weird Tradition in Poetry  / Darrell Schweitzer

Donald Wandrei, Sanctity and Sin; Rain Graves, Barfodder


The Perfect Length for Horror / Hank Wagner

Sarah Pinborough, The Language of Dying; Terry Lamsley, R.I.P.; Joel Lane, The Witnesses Are Gone


The Weird Scholar / S. T. Joshi






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