Dead Reckonings No. 03




  • A Review of Horror Literature
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi and Jack Madison Haringa
  • No. 3 (Spring 2008)


Table of contents

A Swift River of Allusion................................................ Jim Rockhill
     [Emma Frances Dawson, An Itinerant House and Other Ghost Stories]

The Novel as Tumor........................................ Michael Marano
     [Stephen King, Duma Key]

Exploring the Breadth of Weird Fiction. June Pulliam
     [Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, ed., The New Weird; Ellen Datlow, ed., Inferno]

Die Laughing. Stefan Dziemianowicz
     [Ramsey Campbell, The Grin of the Dark; Inconsequential Tales]

The Self, the Landscape. John Langan
     [Conrad Williams, The Scalding Rooms; Conrad Williams, Rain]

An Opportunity Lost Mike Ashley
     [Ian Alexander Martin, ed., The First Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories]

Kitchen-Sink Naturalism.. Rob Latham
     [Christopher Barzak, One for Sorrow]

In, Between, and Around the Genres. Bernadette Bosky
     [Peter Straub, 5 Stories]

More (of the Same) Can Sometimes Be Less. Tony Fonseca
     [John Everson, ed., Sins of the Sirens; Hank Schwaeble and Gary Braunbeck, ed., Five Strokes to Midnight]

Cthulhuism and Yog-Sothothery. Steven J. Mariconda
     [H. P. Lovecraft, Essential Solitude: Letters to August Derleth; O Fortunate Floridian: H. P. Lovecraft’s Letters to R. H. Barlow]

Lives and Deaths at the Edge of Noir Jack M. Haringa
     [Brian Hodge, Mad Dogs; John Connolly, The Unquiet]

Stormy Weather Ben Indick
     [Nicholas Royle, The Appetite]

Ramsey Campbell, Probably

Creeping Nihilism.. Alan Warren
     [Adam-Try Castro, The Shallow End of the Pool; Tim Lebbon and Lindy Moore, Children of the New Disorder]

The Sublime and the Ridiculous. S. T. Joshi
     [Dennis Etchison, Got to Kill Them All; Ray Garton, Slivers of Bone]

Liebestod in Lower Manhattan. John Langan
     [John Marks, Fangland]

Dystopia Now.. Matt Cardin
     [Thomas Ligotti, Teatro Grottesco; Paulo Bacigalupi, Pump Six and Other Stories]

Burn This Book. Hank Wagner
     [Clive Barker, The Painter, the Creature, and the Father of Lies; Clive Barker, Mister B. Gone]

It’s All in the Telling. Gary William Crawford
     [Brian Showers, The Bleeding Horse and Other Stories; Reggie Oliver, Masques of Satan]

They Know Their South. Sherry Austin
     [Beth Massie, Homeplace; Will Clarke, The Worthy: A Ghost’s Story]

Dross in Translation. Jack M. Haringa
     [Asa Nonami, Now You’re One of Us]

Nice Mice. Ben Indick
     [Susan Palwick, The Fate of Mice]

Heirs to the King?. Kevin Dole
     [Brian Keene, Dark Hollow; Richard Dansky, Firefly Rain]

Two Centuries of American Ghosts. Richard Bleiler
     [S. T. Joshi, ed., American Supernatural Tales]

Winning the Resurrection Lottery. Scott Connors
     [Stephen Mark Rainey, Blue Devil Island; Greg Lamberson, Johnny Gruesome]

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