Lovecraft's New York Circle: The Kalem Club, 1924-1927


  • Edited by Mara Kirk Hart and S. T. Joshi
  • June 2006
  • ISBN 0976159295
  • 242 pages
  • Paperback


During H. P. Lovecraft's residence in New York City, his social and literary life centered upon a group of friends collectively known as the Kalem Club, so named for the initials of the surnames of original members--K, L, or M. Gatherings or “meetings” were frequently held in members’ homes, and particularly in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, for it was there that Lovecraft’s friend George Kirk lived, and where, in the building HPL utilized as the setting of “Cool Air,” Kirk operated his Chelsea Book Shop.

From August 1924 until March 1927, George Kirk wrote almost daily to his fiancee in Cleveland, revealing many details of his interactions with the other Kalems. After nearly seventy years, the letters were discovered by Kirk’s daughter Mara Kirk Hart, who used portions of them as the basis for her fascinating chronicle of the Kalem Club, “Walkers in the City.”

Now expanding greatly upon that earlier work, she and S. T. Joshi have here assembled all the letters of George Kirk that relate information about the Kalem members and their activities during this time, together with representative writings of all the Kalem members during their most active and fruitful period.

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