Volume 3: The Flowers of Evil and Others (The Complete Poetry and Translations of Clark Ashton Smith)


  • By Clark Ashton Smith
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz
  • 444 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-61498-047-6
  • Trade Paper


In addition to being a prolific and innovative poet in his own right, Clark Ashton Smith was a noted translator of French and Spanish poetry. Teaching himself French in the mid-1920s, Smith undertook the ambitious program of translating the entirety of Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil) into English.

Over the next several years he succeeded in translating all but six of the 157 poems that comprised the definitive (1868) edition of Les Fleurs du mal. Smith would begin with a relatively literal prose translation and would later render it into verse; in the end, Smith versified about a third of the poems, the rest remaining in prose.

His mentor George Sterling testified to the remarkable spiritual affinity between Smith and Baudelaire, rendering him the perfect translator of this difficult poet. Smith also translated other noteworthy French poets-Paul Verlaine, Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset, and Théophile Gautier, among others-as well as such obscure poets as Marie Dauguet and Tristan Klingsor. In the 1940s Smith taught himself Spanish, making splendid verse translations of such poets as Amado Nervo, Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, and and Jorge Isaacs. The great majority of the poems included in this volume are unpublished.

The current edition presents, for the first time, Smith's complete translations in French and Spanish, also printing the French and Spanish texts on facing pages. All texts are annotated by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz.

Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961) is a towering figure in American poetry and in the literature of fantasy and horror. Born and raised in California, Smith early fell under the tutelage of George Sterling, and later established friendships with H. P. Lovecraft, August Derleth, Benjamin de Casseres, and other leading figures. His tales of exotic fantasy have achieved a worldwide audience, while his meticulously crafted poetry, published here in a complete edition for the first time, will establish him as a leading poetic voice in his time.

S. T. Joshi is a leading authority on H. P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, and other writers of fantasy and horror. He is the author of The Weird Tale (1990) and H. P. Lovecraft: A Life (1996) and the coeditor of World Supernatural Literature: An Encyclopedia. He has edited Smith's juvenile novel, The Black Diamonds, for Hippocampus Press. David E. Schultz is a pioneering scholar on H. P. Lovecraft. He is the editor of Lovecraft's Commonplace Book (1987) and the coeditor (with S. T. Joshi) of Smith's The Last Oblivion: Best Fantastic Poems (2003) and The Shadow of the Unattained: The Letters of George Sterling and Clark Ashton Smith (2005).

Table of contents

Les Fleurs du mal, by Charles Baudelaire
Spleen et Idéal

  • I. Bénédiction
  • II. The Albatross
  • III. Elevation
  • IV. Correspondences
  • V.
  • VI. The Beacons
  • VII. The Sick Muse
  • VIII. La Muse vénale
  • IX. The Evil Monk
  • X. L'Ennemi
  • XI. Le Guignon
  • XII. Anterior Life
  • XIII. Travelling Gypsies
  • XIV. L'Homme et la Mer
  • XV. Don Juan aux Enfers
  • XVI. To Theodore de Banville
  • XVII. Chastisement of Pride
  • XVIII. Beauty
  • XIX. The Ideal
  • XX. The Giantess
  • XXI. Le Masque
  • XXII. Hymn to Beauty
  • XXIII. Exotic Perfume
  • XXIV. The Chevelure
  • XXV.
  • XXVI.
  • XXVII. Sed non Satiata
  • XXIX. Le Serpent qui danse
  • XXX. Une Charogne
  • XXXI. De profundis clamavi
  • XXXII. The Vampire
  • XXXIV. The Remorse of the Dead
  • XXXV. The Cat
  • XXXVI. The Duel
  • XXXVII. The Balcony
  • XXXVIII. The Possessed
  • XXXIX. Une Fantôme
  • XL.
  • XLI. Semper Eadem
  • XLII. Tout entière
  • XLIII.
  • XLIV. Le Flambeau vivant
  • XLV. Réversibilité
  • XLVI. Confession
  • XLVII. The Spiritual Dawn
  • XLVIII. Evening Harmony
  • XLIX. Le Flacon
  • L. The Poison
  • LI. Doubtful Skies
  • LII. Le Chat
  • LIII. Le Beau Navire
  • LIV. L'Invitation au voyage
  • LV. The Irreparable
  • LVI. Causerie
  • LVII. Song of Autumn
  • LVIII. A une Madone
  • LIX. Chanson d'après-midi
  • LX. Sisina
  • LXI. Vers pour le portrait d'Honoré Daumier
  • LXII. Franciscæ meæ laudes
  • LXIII. A une Dame créole
  • LXIII. To a Creole Lady
  • LXIV. Mœsta et errabunda
  • LXV. The Phantom
  • LXVI. Sonnet d'automne
  • LXVII. Tristesses de la lune
  • LXVIII. The Cats
  • LXIX. The Owls
  • LXX. La Pipe
  • LXXI. La Musique
  • LXXII. Sépulture
  • LXXIII. Une Gravure fantastique
  • LXXIV. Le Mort joyeux
  • LXXV. The Barrel of Hate
  • LXXVI. La Cloche fêlée
  • LXXVII. Spleen
  • LXXVIII. Spleen
  • LXXX. Spleen
  • LXXXI. Obsession
  • LXXXIII. Alchemy of Sorrow
  • LXXXIV. Horreur sympathique
  • LXXXIV. Sympathetic Horror
  • LXXXV. Le Calumet de Paix
  • LXXXVI. A Pagan's Prayer
  • LXXXVII. The Cover
  • LXXXVIII. L'Imprévu
  • LXXXIX. Examination at Midnight
  • XC. Madrigal of Sorrow
  • XCI. The Adviser
  • XCII. To a Malabaress
  • XCIII. The Voice
  • XCIV. Hymn
  • XCV. The Rebel
  • XCVI. The Eyes of Bertha
  • XCVII. The Fountain
  • XCVIII. La Rançon
  • XCIX. Very Far from Here
  • C. Le Coucher du Soleil Romantique
  • CI. On "Tasso in Prison" by Eugène Delacroix
  • CII. The Gulf
  • CIII. The Lament of Icarus
  • CIV. Contemplation
  • CV. L'Héautontimorouménos
  • CVI. The Irremediable
  • CVII. The Clock

Tableaux Parisiens

  • CVIII. Paysage
  • CIX. The Sun
  • CX. Lola de Valence
  • CXI. La Lune offensée
  • CXII. A une Mendiante rousse
  • CXIII. Le Cygne
  • CXIV. Les sept Vieillards
  • CXV. Les Petites Vieilles
  • CXVI. The Blind
  • CXVII. To a Passer-by
  • CXVIII. The Toiling Skeleton
  • CXIX. Evening Twilight
  • CXX. The Game
  • CXXI. The Dance of Death
  • CXXII. The Love of Falsehood
  • CXXIV.
  • CXXV. Mists and Rains
  • CXXVI. A Parisian Dream
  • CXXVII. Le Crépuscule du matin

Le Vin

  • CXXVIII. L'Ame du vin
  • CXXIX. The Wine of the Rag-Pickers
  • CXXX. The Wine of the Assassin
  • CXXXI. The Wine of the Solitary
  • CXXXII. The Wine of Lovers

Les Fleurs du Mal

  • CXXXIII. Epigraph for a Condemned Book
  • CXXXIV. Destruction
  • CXXXV. Une Martyre
  • CXXXVI. Femmes damnées
  • CXXXVII. The Two Kind Sisters
  • CXXXVIII. The Fountain of Blood
  • CXXXIX. Allégorie
  • CXL. Beatrice
  • CXLI. Un voyage à Cythère
  • CXLII. Love and the Cranium


  • CXLIII. The Denial of St. Peter
  • CXLIV. Abel et Caïn
  • CXLV. Litany to Satan

La Mort

  • CXLVI. The Death of Lovers
  • CXLVII. La Mort des pauvres
  • CXLVIII. La Mort des artistes
  • CXLIX. La Fin de la journée
  • CL. La Rêve d'un curieux
  • CLI. The Voyage


  • I. Les Bijoux
  • II. Lethe
  • III. To Her Who Is Too Gay
  • IV. Lesbos
  • V. Femmes damnées: Delphine et Hippolyte
  • VI. The Metamorphoses of the Vampire

Translations from the French

Marie Dauguet

  • [Untitled]

Théophile Gautier

  • The Flower-Pot
  • The Impassible
  • Pastel

Gérard de Nerval

  • Artemis
  • Golden Verses

José-Maria de Heredia

  • Antony and Cleopatra
  • The Coral Reef
  • La Dogaresse
  • Nemea
  • Oblivion
  • On a Broken Statue
  • The Samurai
  • A Setting Sun
  • The Stained Window
  • Victor Hugo
  • Twilight
  • What One Hears on the Mountain
  • The Wheel of Omphale
  • Tristan Klingsor
  • Plaisir d'Amour
  • Alphonse Louis Marie de Lamartine
  • The Lake

Charles Marie René Leconte de Lisle

  • The Black Panther
  • Ecclesiastes
  • The Exhibitionists
  • The Howlers
  • The Sleep of the Condor
  • Solvet Seclum
  • Charles van Lerberghe
  • Song

Pierre Lièvre

  • Elysian Landscape
  • The End of Supper

Stuart Merrill

  • A Woman at Prayer

Alfred de Musset

  • Remember Thee
  • Song

Sully Prudhomme

  • Siesta

Albert Samain

  • I Dream
  • [Myrtil and Palemone]

Fernand Severin

  • Sonnet

Paul Verlaine

  • IX (Ariettes Oubliées)
  • Il Bacio
  • La Bonne Chanson
  • Crimen Amoris
  • En Sourdine
  • The Faun
  • Green
  • Moonlight
  • Song from Les Uns et Les Autres
  • Spleen
  • To a Woman

Translations from the Spanish

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

  • Invocation
  • The Sower
  • Where?
  • The World Rolls On

José A. Calcaño

  • The Cypress

José Santos Chocaño

  • The Sleep of the Cayman

Rubén Darío

  • The Song of Songs
  • Juana de Ibarbourou
  • Rustic Life
  • Jorge Isaacs
  • Luminary

Juan Lozano y Lozano

  • Rhythm
  • Amado Nervo
  • Night


  • The Peace-Pipe
  • XXVII. Sed Non Satiata
  • LV. L'Irréparable
  • CXLI. Un Voyage à Cythère



Index of Titles


Index of First Lines

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